Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Amazon Dash?

This caught me off guard today: a free Dash button (for Prime members only) to instantly purchase certain products from Amazon:

Amazon has posted a YouTube video demonstrating the use of the button.

My first reaction: how long will it take for the maker/hacker community to figure out other uses for this button?

My second reaction after watching the video:  I could use this.

So I requested an invite.

Amazon is also pretty, um, curt with their terms and conditions:

I'm very curious how it works.  There is some indication that using an app on your phone is how you configure what product the button is tied to:

There is no indication as to how the button press translates into the order, but using the Google patent search I found this little gem, which describes using SMS messaging to complete "one click" orders.  I'm guessing that's what we have here, a tiny cell transmitter, very difficult to modify and use for other purposes.

We'll see...

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  1. In case you haven't seen this by now: http://hackaday.com/2015/08/10/hacking-the-amazon-dash-button-to-record-whatever-you-want/