Sunday, April 17, 2011

First Post

I struggle to come up with good names for things.  While I was staring at the text entry field for this blog's name, I thought of Betty Edwards' book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  The right side of the brain seems to be associated with, among other things, artistic ability, which isn't necessarily a strong suit of mine.  The left side of the brain is probably where I spend most of my time, as I'd more readily start plotting the sugar output from my three maple trees than I would draw pictures of them.

Anyway, here you'll find some posts about the things I'm tinkering with at home, such as:
  • Linux
  • Android/Python/C/Java/JavaScript programming
  • Home brewing
  • Maple syrup making
  • Electronics tinkering
  • Automotive tinkering
Lately I've done some things that I think others might benefit from, but I don't have a good way to publish this information, so here we go.