Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Craigslist Pickin': Handheld Computer with Touchscreen, SD Storage, GPS, Wifi, and Bluetooth, $45.

How about this for a deal:  Used Samsung Admire, purchased used on Craigslist, that I plan to use as a standalone GPS on my ATV.

I rooted the device and removed all of the bloatware, and tested out an offline GPS app this morning, worked great.

Seriously, this is a lot of hardware for $45.  Entry level phones like this get kicked to the wayside, but they have a lot of life left in them!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Alternative Cell Phone Screen Adhesive

My wife dropped her Motorola Defy while pulling our kids in the wagon down a hill.  Two kids in the wagon (roughly 70 lbs total) plus the downhill momentum meant the poor Defy met its 'life-proof' match and lost the battle.  The Corning Gorilla Glass was totally shattered.

I bought the glass replacement on eBay for about $20.  One thing the seller failed to mention is that I'd need some special adhesive strips to actually install the screen.  From what I observed during disassembly, the adhesive is a thin, foam-like material with a strong adhesive on both sides.  A little research and I found that it is readily available from some online cellphone repair shops or, of course, on eBay.

Welp, I already had the phone apart so I ran down to my local hardware store to see what I could use in a pinch.  I had some contact cement in my hand and ready to purchase, but before checking out I asked one of the hardware store guys what was available in the way of double-sided tape.  Because there are so many options I told him what I was doing.  He thought for a moment and led me over to the aisle with all of the draft sealing stuff.  He tore open this box (see below) and said he thought that the tape included might be perfect.  I think it was a great suggestion and I bought this window insulating kit for $2.99 with the roll of tape included.  The included tape is thin, extremely sticky, and presumably can handle a wide temperature range (this is just a guess, however).  I am not sure if it will yellow or become brittle over time, but I decided to give it a shot.

Here's what I purchased:


The first stem was to cover all of the edges of the glass, being careful not to obscure any of the holes where there might be a light sensor or a hole for the earpiece. 

After application, I trimmed around the edges with a razor blade.  Here is the final assembly, after trimming, with the adhesive exposed and ready for installation:


And here it is, reinstalled into the plastic bezel:


Reassembled and working fine.  Of course, I doubt there is any sort of water resistance any longer, but it looks as good as new.